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see santa ana, california.
guy 1: dude there are so many mexicans in santa ana it's not even funny.

guy 2: shut up fucker. those are my people. little mexico is badass. where else can you buy corn on the corner and see kids get beat up by their mothers?
by bobby smash May 05, 2008
kennett square, pa
person 1: dude lets go to mexico!

person 2: or we could just walk to kennett for the same thing! aka little mexico!
by some one1233454 August 12, 2008
aptly named, Little Mexico is an apartment complex in Citrus Heights, known for it's large numbers of Mexicans. This is a place you can go to get shot at, arrested, high and play tennis all before 6:00pm.

It's such a bad area, not even stoners dare to go there.
B: I want weed and there's no where to go.
C: Little Mexico!
B: NO!
V: Why, you scared?
B: No, I just don't feel like getting raped, shot and thrown in jail in the same day.
by Brittney Sade October 12, 2008
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