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another name for a penis or another name for a gun
Say hello to my little friend
by jmo April 16, 2004
A friend who just happens to be a midget.
Say hello to my little friend.
by viva_la_gloria July 28, 2009
the M-16 m203 that tony uses in scarface.
"Say Hello To My LIttle Friend"
by c-iv April 18, 2008
Tony Montana's big ass grenade launching M-60.
Say hello to my little friend!!!!!
by Seth L. February 28, 2004
a person who you were friends with in high school before you both went to the same college.
That's her little friend, they went to high school together.
by KrisX September 20, 2008
A way to refer to someone's penis without using the word itself.
Your little friend was great in bed last night.
by Know-it-all2005 June 11, 2016
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