when a guy likes making out with babies and his favorite show is toddlers and tiaras.
chris williams is a little bitch
by elite 8 April 09, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who's whiny, petty, and passive-aggressive and won't stand up for him/herself when shit's going down, but will be perfectly happy to stab you in the back when you least expect it. Very distinct from a regular bitch.
No, I don't think you're a little bitch because you're a girl. I think you're a little bitch because you're a sniveling rat who I can't trust with a weather report, never mind something important.
by connorbd@yahoo.com December 26, 2006
A fagget who can dish it out, but cant take it.
Gee, M#rk sure is a little bitch
by elephant man July 10, 2004
a boy with a heavier flow vagina than the most PMS ridden girl, who cannot handle his emotions.
Yo that guy keeps crying because his girl left
ya man he's a little bitch
by luluh8onu November 19, 2014
Someone who cannot take a joke or takes it too far, one who is spoiled beyond belief or just a plain asshole or bitch
Devin Castro is a little bitch.
by Roboman45 November 30, 2014
He looks like a Narc but weasels his way into your social circle by being persistent. He acts like he's your best friend, but is actually passive aggressive, hateful and jealous of you. He talks shit about everybody, you included. But will never say anything mean to your face. Has terrible road rage and will pull a knife on a driver if they try to fight him. Then one day he over reacts to something minor you say and explodes on you . Ends up throwing away your friendship over something petty, which has more to do with the issues he has with himself than anything you did. Usually short and feminine and cusses alot cause he thinks it makes him look tough. Chain smoker and brash when hes drunk. Looks like a doctors kid so he never gets in real trouble cause he can fool the cops in believing he's a good guy, but he's just a weasel when it comes down to it.
I can't believe Andrew is such a Little Bitch.
by Konfukd May 03, 2015
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