That symbol used in ancient Egypt hieroglyphics that roughly translates to "douche bag" according to The Daily Show. It will make going to one of those museums much more interesting.
Hmmm...these hieroglyphics have a little bird and Dick Chaney, so that means Dick Chaney is a douche bag!
by Stephen Ratkovich June 25, 2007
Top Definition
A small egg shaped helicopter including Hughes OH-6, MH-6, and AH-6 helicopters. Seen in the movie Black Hawk Down. They are used by the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), not "air" regiment.
Doode 1: Black Hawk Down made me wanna be a little bird pilot

Doode 2: The little bird owns all
by c - los March 02, 2006
A variant of the OH-6 Cayuse. It's a small and manueverable helicopter used by the Army's 160th Special Operations Air Regiment. It can be fitted with two "benches" on the outside to carry two people on each. It is the small helicopter in Blackhawk Down.
Those Sammys were totally owned by the little bird's miniguns!
by Galloping Ghost June 05, 2005
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