A game of Beer Pong where the cups are set on the trunk of a car parked behind an office building after midnight. Instead of ping-pong balls, you use cat toys that rattle. You keep playing until all of the cat toys are broken, whoever breaks the last cat toy must drink all of the beer on the table.
Me and the gang didn't have a place to party so we set up behind the SAS offices and played Litter Box.
by The08Gang May 12, 2009
The act of sexually defecating upon a dented chest. such as that of bob

"shit bob i heard olga gave you the good old litter box last night"
by Aweiker13 January 24, 2008
a litter box is when a man or woman poop on a girls vagina. Considering "box" is slang for a coochie and litter is a method of discarding something....in this case....poo.....the term litter box is born.
I'm a little itchy from the litter box you gave me last night.
by wesley willis March 31, 2004
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