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written porn that you can masturbate to. ok... ots obvious that you looked this word up just to find something to jack off to, so this is my best shot. ;)
This is my best shot at literotica

I was home alone and incredibly horny. All I wanted was to be fucked, and hard. I tightened and relaxed my pussy lips… longing for a big hard cock to fill me up but my boyfriend was out playing basketball with his friends and I couldn’t get my mind off of cock. I decided to do something that I hadn’t done for a while: masturbate the fuck out of my swollen clit. Oh god, I remember the days of getting all sexy and fucking myself into a trembling orgasm. I knew that nobody would be home for a while so I stripped down into my lacy thong and leather corset.

I found a wooden spoon in the kitchen and thought that I would do something that I had never done before. I was home alone and horny as fuck, so my pussy started to feel tight at just the thought of what I could do with the spoon. I layed down on my back in the middle of the living room’s soft white carpet and slowly slipped of my panties. My legs got Goosebumps as the soft lace kissed my skin. I grabbed the wooden spoon and slapped it into my right tit until it began to tingle. Fuck yeah! It felt so good. Then I slapped the spoon into my left titty. My nipples pulsed and were hard enough to see through my leather corset.

By now my pussy was wet. I spread my legs wide apart and then began tapping my clit with the spoon. My pussy juice was getting absorbed into the wood. I took the spoon and licked off all of the liquid that I could taste and went back for more. Harder, Harder, HARDER!! My body thrusted up and down, but I wasn’t ready to climax yet, this was going to be the best orgasm of my life.

I laid still and took a breath. I set the spoon down and brought my index finger to my fuck button to really get things started. Just then I heard breathing. I looked behind me and saw my boyfriend standing in awe watching my display. I was embarrassed and asked him how much he had seen. He replied, “Enough, and it seems to me that you were a very naughty girl while I was out.”

I smiled and looked down his sweaty muscular body and saw his beautiful, big, boner under his soft basketball shorts. He picked up the wooden spoon and said, “you know you are going to have to pay for this.” My pussy throbbed and my heart raced with excitement. All I was thinking was Fuck me, FUCK ME, RAM MY PUSSY! But I didn’t say anything. He took the wooden spoon and told me to get on all fours. So I did. He knelt down behind me and began spanking my ass with the spoon. He had never done this to me and my ass hole tingled. It had never been penetrated before and I was really hoping that he would. I breathed heavily and moaned with every smack. Then he started actually smacking the spoon on my ass hole. Fuck yeah! I wanted more, I was ready to come! I started bringing my finger to my clit but he slapped my clit before I got there and said, “not yet.”

He resumed slapping my asshole and I screamed, “more! Give it to me baby, fuck yeah, you know what I want! Go into my virgin asshole!” then he took the handle of the wooden spoon and twisted it lightly on my asshole. It tormented me and made me want more.

He put the spoon on the ground next to me and licked his index finger. Then he tickled my asshole and stroked it in soft quick circles. He said, “mmmm, I like your ass, I’ve always wanted to fuck your ass, it’s so tight and small. It’s never been touched before. I want to fuck it so hard. Can I fuck your tiny virgin hole?”

He leaned his face into my ass and started flicking the hole with his tongue. It felt so good. All I could think was OH FUCK ME NOW! Then he stood up and said, “I’m going to need some lube if I want to get into that tiny thing, but we don’t have any.”

I was really upset because I wanted to get ass fucked so hard and I couldn’t wait another night. He stopped fooling around with my ass and I was puzzled why he wouldn’t at least fuck my dripping, swollen pussy. Then I feel it. He started taking a long hot piss on my ass. FUCK YES! I screamed. I could feel the long hot piss run along my ass crack and reach my pussy. He quickly resumed position and pried my ass cheeks apart. Then he slid his thick, hard cock into my hole. Then he placed his 2 hands on my clit and pushed down and rubbed it hard while pounding my ass into a climax. I screamed, YES, YES! FUCK ME HARDER! OH GOD! I CAN’T TAKE IT! YES! OH…. OH… OH…! FUCK YEAH! Then he shot his cum into my ass and I fell down in exhaustion. I couldn’t even move for a few minutes because my pussy was pulsing so hard. Eventually I stood up and started to walk into the bathroom to take a shower, when I see all 4 of my boyfriend’s basketball buddies that were as hard as rocks and had seen the whole thing.

I was embarrassed but aroused and I looked at them and said, maybe next time, you guys can play too. Now I have a regular fuck schedule and every time is good.
by girlishfigure July 02, 2007
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a website dedicated to erotic literature, in which members of the community can write, publish, and read short stories of a sexual nature. This is the main part of the website, but there are also sections for purchasing sex toys and videos, live webcams, and a chat room.

Note that literotica is not genre of the work, only the name of the site. Stories written around explicit sexual themes are erotic literature or erotica.
I went on literotica the other day to read the next chapter in a story I've been following.
by LadyGreensong July 25, 2014
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Literotica is more that just written porn, it has more appeal that actual porn because instead of bad actors there are real characters with real stories and the sex is better because there is a non-unusual reason to it --Maybe when two old friends get together for a drink and end up falling in love and having great sex. Although you can find mother-son and MILF literotica because they give more story than just a MILF wanting a fuck.
literotica exert:

She looked good; her tits popping out of a shirt too small for her. Dinner went quick and he anticipated the night ahead...

...She smiled hungrily when she saw his massive, neglected 9" and he groaned in suppressed pleasure when she dropped to her knees and swallowed it whole.

Soon he was hard at 10" and pulled away her talented mouth, spinning her over so that he was on top. He smiled down at her & she smiled two; especially when he started moving down her body, delving his tongue into her sweet depths.

Soon he moved up because this girl was just too hot not to slam into. Her pussy was tight and her moans plus the arch of her back spurred him on to a rhythmic pace.

"FUCK YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I WANT! GIVE ME THAT FUCKING HARD COCK LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!" Her outburst surprised him but he enjoyed the dirty talk and picked up the pace. "YES, OH MY GOD THAT'S GOOD! FUCKING TAKE MY PUSSY! YES!" He came pretty quickly after she did, because her pussy clenched so hard as squirts of her juice squeezed out around his cock.
He fell down on top of her and she laughed, "Is that all? I thought we were going all night?"
He smiled and picked her up, shoved her against the wall face first, and drove into her pussy from behind, wondering if he'd get her ass later...
by Bunny_ears October 09, 2010
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Literotica is adult literature and texts made to turn people on. They are used to read and jerk off or masturbate. See porn lips went to her neck, planting wet kisses, licks and sucks on her hot skin, leaving wet trails on her skin going down to her breasts. I kissed all around her nipples, till she moaned and spread her legs wide to play with herself, but I saw, and grasped her hand, shaking my head slowly…
by callinghome November 01, 2004
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Basically it’s written porn ;)
I tied her to the wall of the dungeon and ripped off her clothes. I left her standing in her bra and thong. I used a violet wand and ran it up and down her in the stomach and legs. She flinched from the pain, I didn’t stop and slid it up her leg, close to her pussy. I tore off her thong and rolled it all over her pussy. I was dripping yet. I wanted to see what she’d do for me. I got out a leash, I tied it tightly round her neck. I freed her from the wall and dragged her down between my legs. I forced her to eat me out over my thong. She wasn’t doing good enough so I threw her on the floor and tied her there. I removed my thong and sat on her face, forcing her to tongue fuck my pussy. I yelled at her that she wasn’t doing good enough. She’d have to be punished. I got out a riding crop and gently tapped her pussy with it. I hit her really hard repeatedly, she cried out from the pain. I ripped off her bra and spanked her tits. I stood up and untied her arms and dragged her torso up and attached the leash to the wall so she was sitting up. I then took off my own bra and forced her to suck my massive tits while fingering my pussy. I put some electric shockers on her nipples and at the top of her thighs right next to her pussy. I turned the power up she screamed from the pleasure and the pain and fingered me so fast that I cummed all over her hand. I forced her to eat my cum and made out with her. I decided to reward her.
I untied her legs, removed the electric shockers and the leash from around her neck. I dragged her over by her hair to a table where I retied her lying down. I got out a massive dildo, her eyes widened when she saw it. “I’m going to fuck your pussy with this massive rubber cock, okay?” I didn’t give her time to answer, I quickly strapped it onto my pussy and inserted it into her soaking pussy. She gasped from the size of it, it was at least 3 and a half inches wide and 10inches long. I fucked her faster. She moaned and groaned from the pleasure. “Mistress please can I cum?” I just slapped her tits, I wasn’t ready for her yet. I shoved the whole 10 inches all the way into her tight pussy and she screamed but did as I said and didn’t cum yet. I strapped the dildo round her face and climbed over her face and fucked myself with it. I moaned and groaned form the size of it and fucked myself really fast. I cummed all over her face and said she was allowed to cum. She did so and squirted the wall she was that horny. I removed the dildo from her face and to kissed her, slowly eating away at her lips. I said she was a brilliant slave but she wasn’t finished yet. I left her trembling on the table and got one of our male doms. We started the whole process again, it got kinkier and eventually we left her tied up, hanging from the roof, covered in Pete’s cum.

I hope you enjoyed that literotica , I know I enjoyed writing it ;)
by BDSMBitch December 04, 2010
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an adult erotica forum where there is surprisingly little erotica and considerably more flaming and political threads.
Plenty of ugly people post nudie pics as well.
I totally flamed that dude on Literotica, I'm bound to get laid now.
by breakwall January 14, 2005
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