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The term used to illustrate what happens when a person uses Listerine and immediately proceeds to perform fellatio.
Young male: Wait, wait! Before you do that, could you go rinse with Listerine?

Young female: What the fuck? You think my breath stinks? You think I have herpes? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Young Male: No, no! I just thought we could spice things up a bit, you know?

Young Female: What? I don't give good enough head? I'm fuckin' breaking up with you right now. We are done.

(she gets out of bed, starts to get dressed)

Young Male: You give great head! You could suck a golf ball through garden hose!

Young Female: Oh so now I'm some dick-crazed whore? I fucking hate you.

(storms out of the room, with her bf following desparately)

Young Male: I can explain! I just read the definition of listerjob on and I thought it sounded really fun! You've got it all wrong!

Young Female: All wrong eh? You think I'm a fucking moron? I don't know why you have to be such a douchbag queerbait - wait, did you say I love that site!

(she smiles and seems very elated all of a sudden - clearly she's bipolar)

Young female: Okay so where's the Listerine?

Young male: (in his head) Yesssssss. (to his gf) In the bathroom sweetie!
by Leroy Brown 420 January 31, 2009
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