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(Noun) Liquishit, also known as the Squirts, is the nightmare of all fecal matter. You could be comfortably talking to a girl/boy you really like one moment, and the next moment you're clenching your fists and teeth just to resist the sudden urge to shit your pants. Once you do make it to a toilet, you destroy the bathroom. What feels like a volcanic eruption of 5 gallons of warm pudding comes violently streaming out of your asshole, causing the shit to splatter in the water quickly and splash back up all over your ass and possibly render the toilet unusable afterwards. The smell is horrific, and it's not always an easy cleanup. It is highly recomended to use a roomates item of clothing to clean the mess up and immediately burn it afterwards.

Be afraid.
Dude 1: Dude I was at this party having a great time until..
Dude 2: Until what, dude?

Dude 1: Until I ended up getting the liquishits..
Dude 2: Oh my god dude! That's literally shitty!
Dude 1: Yes dude, it was. Thank god they had curtains in their bathroom or I never would have cleaned the mess up
Dude 2: Dude..
by KingDood May 02, 2009
The watery shit that shoots out of your ass at 1000 miles per hour splashing your ass on impact.
Yo those tacos gave me a mean case of the liqui-shit.
by Jo Bob March 04, 2005
ooey-gooey oh-so-nice wet and wild semi-solid peri-sublimated anal excretion with a nutty flavor and rather dank odor.
my keyboardist paul's recent act of rebellion.
by offended April 29, 2003
when others think you are peeing but it's coming out the other end. In some cases, follows closely behind a chart.
I thought she was peeing but the smell told me she must have a bad case of liquishits.
by gmsb October 01, 2009
The terrible diarrhea you get the day after a high dose of DXM, before which you may have fasted for one day, and didn't eat for 24 hours before the trip. The liqui- prefix is derived from the Robitussin Liqui-Gels.
I took so much DXM that I got awful liqui-shits the next morning.
by BrothaFunk November 29, 2009
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