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Referring to any sort of alcoholic beverage.
Tim: "lets go talk to that girl, she's totally eying you!"

Jon: "Ok, let me get some "Liquid-Confidence" first, then I'm ready!"
by Joshua Danger December 11, 2008
2 0
Alcoholic beverage that enables one to become gregarious and much more comfortable/confident in social situations.
"Damn, that girl is hot...but I need some liquid confidence before I go holla"
by Eugene Kim November 05, 2007
124 12
1) The third single by British alternative band, You Me At Six, taken from their second studio album, Hold Me Down

2)A stimulus from friends/alcohol etc. that enables people to become much more comfortable in a social situation
he's normally quiet and shy, but when he's around his friends, he's full of liquid confidence and does the most absurd things.
by the girl from the tram April 02, 2012
9 2
the need to hear the sound of water in order to use the restroom.
I had to turn on the tap in the bathroom for liquid confidence.
by heenabeena March 17, 2011
7 14