Drinking large amounts of alcohol on an empty stomach.
J: "Dude, I've had 6 beers and I didn't eat dinner tonight."
A: "You're on a liquid diet bro."
by Jeremizzle April 08, 2006
The term 'liquid diet' can often refer to a drinking session. However this phase can also mean, the manner of which a body is desposed off - implying that a persons body was dumped in a watered area, such as a river or lake.
Jim Bob: Well that asshole next door neighbour won't be giving me anymore drama!
Cleetus: Why is that?
Jim Bob: I took the son of a bitch out with my 303!
Cleetus: What did you do with the body? Did you bury him?
Jim Bob: Let's just say he's on a liquid diet.
Cleetus: He's in the lake then?
Jim Bob: Yep.
by buckonz September 01, 2009

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