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Term used to describe a female that haphazzardly smears makeup on her face with no regard for boundaries or appearance. Most commonly seen hanging off a barstool, or chomping on a greasy pizza
Dude "Is that chick over there hot..." Dude 2 "OMG man, what are you thinking, she's a total lipstick queen. Take a closer look! It looks like she had a chalupa in one hand and a paint roller in the other while getting ready. "
by Tbone July 13, 2005
An unattractive woman who smears lipstick on in an attempt to distract from ugliness is commonly known as a lipstick queen.
Courtney Love or Donatella Versace on bad days are prime examples of lipstick queens. Pity those they kiss as they say "dahling"
by Deva Sheraton November 05, 2006