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A lipstick party is similar to a Rainbow Party. All the girls put different colored lipsticks and give guys blow jobs in the dark. when the lights are turned back on, the guys try to guess which girl gave them the blow job. Referenced on The O.C. on 5-04-06
At a Lipstick Party:

Guy #1: Okay, this looks like more of a rose than a pink. Was it... Sarah?

Girl #1: No, Silly! Sarah's is a light fuscia! Mine's rose!

Guy #1: I think my dick would look good with a little fuscia...

Girl #1: yayyyy (slut)
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elitist scenester website with lots of drama and underage n00dz
joshua started drama with me on LSP.
by muffy January 18, 2004
Also known as a rainbow party. Little whores go to a lip stick party with lip stick on and give guys head.
I'm a whore and went to a lip stick party.
#rainbow #party #lipstick #lip-stick party #lip stick
by Liz5213 February 24, 2008
scenester vs. scenester
go put your white belt and coheed hoodie back on, n00b!
by bottlerocketeer May 02, 2004
Online service connecting beautiful people to other beautiful people. Occaisionally an unaccepted ugly will incorrectly define the wonder that is lipstickparty.
Eye saw U on ehl ess pee!
by Tiger January 20, 2004
sexy good people that are too hot to trot. very rarely an "ugly" passes through the strainer.
Serena from LSP is too hot to trot. And you aren't. HA.
by Marla January 20, 2004
where hot boys and girls join and talk about cutting there own hair.OMGZ.
did you see jae's hair?she did it herself!omgz!
by DINOSAUR January 29, 2004
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