A woman that likes other females, and do not like men. Lip stick lesbians are really feminie, and alot of men usually have a hard time believeing that these girls only like other women. Alot of broken hearts are common for men when they should ever have to meet, a lip stick lesbian.
Lip Stick Lesbians only likes women, but they also woo men.
by Uncle Ho April 12, 2009
feminine lesbian
When a new lipstick lesbian walked into the fern bar, all the birddogs went on point.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
A feminine-type lesbian who is only attracted to other feminine lesbians. Not attracted to butch or masculine lesbians. Usually likes cats, cuddling, flowers, and affection. Also usually wears feminine clothing, long hair, very fawn-like and pretty. Would rather not have others thinking that all lesbians are butch-like and masculine.
(Any) "Oh my god, feminine lesbians are the cutest!"
(Straight horny men) "Hard to believe she's a lesbian!"
(Butch/Masculine) "Ughhh! I wish that was my girlfriend."
(Lipstick Lesbian) "If I wanted to date someone who looked like a man, I'd find a man."
by nuggetbutts June 18, 2014
1.A lesbian who knows that you can look like a girl and still date them.
2.A type of lesbian that loves getting her hair and nails done, shopping, and cute shoes, but still only prefers the company of other feminine women.
3. The best type of woman on the planet.
4. A lesbian who refuses to date butches/studs because they are just like men to her.
5. A lesbian who rejects anything masculine.
6. An ultra-gay lesbian, almost as gay as the stud-on-stud lesbian.
I am a lipstick lesbian because I put on eyeliner, a skirt and heels to go to the club and look pretty so I can possibly meet another girl that put on eyeliner, a skirt and heels for the club.
by Plumgirl3333 September 10, 2008
A gay female who is proud of her apperence and almost look straight
she's got be be straight
na, she's just a lipstick lesbian
by lil lezza June 07, 2007
a really hot feminine lesbian as opposed to a butch bull dyke
theres nothin better than lipstick lesbians
by Da Nastee One May 11, 2004
A lesbian that looks like a girl. Not the motorcyle bull dyke types. This is a girl you would want to bang and might not know she is a carpet muncher. She might actually wear lipstick while the other kind would wear leather or denim.
The girl did not accept your sexual advances, so obviously she is a dyke. However, she is rather attractive. She must therefore be a lipstick lesbian.
by dirk dig November 19, 2004

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