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A lesbian hipster. They like art, music, and movies, but nothing mainstream. They have a cool haircut and wear tight jeans (maybe sagging) and vintage clothes. They probably live in the city.
Shane from the L Word has shaggy hair, tattoos, skateboards, wears jeans and hoodies and blazers all the time, likes cocaine, and listens to Le Tigre. Shane is the quintessential lipster.

Not only are Tegan and Sara twins and lesbians, they are also lipsters!
by T_D May 25, 2008
24 8
n -- circa early 2000s
lesbian hipsters found in the New York nightclubs like Misshapes, enjoy making out for photos posted on Last Night's Party
Those lipsters have been in the bathroom for, like, twenty minutes.
by Cushie February 03, 2006
3 3