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(v) To jack-off in class.
"I just lipskied and it's all over my pants!"

"Pat just paid me 5 bucks to lipsky in world history!"
by Honey Bunches December 18, 2005
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1)To remind of a bad odor; stinkish; disgusting.

2) Verb: lipskeed
a- To clear out a room do to sickening odor.
1) This is old and lipsky cheese.

2) This room has been lipskeed up.
by Billy Brown February 01, 2004
One who becomes obsessed with people much younger than yourself to the point that all around you are weirded out.
Lipsky offered to take me to the diner but I don't want to go with him because it's kind of creepy.
by maureenhenry February 27, 2010

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