lips means the pussy
as in the lips between the hips
by Benton December 12, 2003
Those bits of cherry flesh you use to talk,scream,kiss,and be a douchebag with
That girl's got some nice lips
by Operation: Douchebag August 18, 2006
Used to refer to someone.
"What's up with your lips?"
"Your lips are on fire!" (meaning you, or your lips, are doing very good at something so as to be on fire)
by Tony June 25, 2003
That shit is lips!


The club was lips last night!
by Mw_punx May 27, 2007
A section of your face and a part of your mouth. Primarily used for kissing, eating, and giving head.
Yeah I got some head from that girl with the nice lips.
by suckmyfuckingass November 12, 2014

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