Snowboard slang for the very end of a snowboard jump. A lip is the very end where the jump has a little kick to it.
forget that jump how am I supposed to bust a cab 9 with that much of a lip on that jump
by April 27, 2003
aerodynamic/cosmetic piece attached to the bottom of the front and/or rear bumpers.
what do you think looks better for a jetta, a 20th lip, or a votex bumper?

i dunno, but i kinda wish they made r32 bumpers for jettas.
by dubber4life April 19, 2009
Noun / Adjective

A person who has lately become 'hot stuff' but is likely soon to once again become either persona non gratis, or indeed persona obscura.
"He swanned in with Abi Titmuss; how very lee-eye-pee."
by gsa the partay January 29, 2005
(Noun) Shorthand slang for "cunt lip".
Why are you being such a lip?

I can't belive she did that. What a lip.

OMFG!! you're a total lip
by The Naked Nomad June 29, 2011
when a damn fool hits a blunt and slobbers all over the thing like a jackass
"yo johnny stop lippen that damn blunt fool"
by nick February 07, 2005
To moderate an internet forum and having the last word. The art of banning.
You my friend have been Lipped. BANNNNNN
by Jeff Lip June 22, 2005
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