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Slang for a cocksucking, crack-smoking ghetto skank. Comes from Ice Cube's song "Check Yo Self."
"Bitch, get off the wood, you're no good
There goes the neighborhood hooker (slut!)
Go ahead and keep your drawers
Givin up the claps and who needs applause
At a time like this, pop the coochie and ya dead
The bitch is a Miami Hurricane head
Sprung, niggas call her 'lips and lungs'
Nappy dugout, get the fuck out
Cause women like you gets no respect
Bitch, you better run a check"
-Ice Cube, "Check Yo Self"

Kevin: "Man, I got the best head ever last night."
Rasheed: "Who was the ho?"
Kevin: "Some crack-smoking chickenhead from The Brook. She was hella broke down, but for a couple of rocks, she hoovered the shit out of my dick."
Rasheed: "For real? What was her name?"
Kevin: "Marqueesha. Marqueesha Johnson."
Rasheed: "The fuck? Break yo' self, fool! That's my sister!" *pulls out gun and points it at Kevin's head*
Kevin: "Sorry man, I had no idea. Just chill."
Rasheed: "Haha! Just messing with you, man." *puts gun away* "My sister gets around like a fucking record. She's been smoking pole since she could walk. Best get yo' shit checked out though. Good chance you got the clap."
Kevin: "Good one. I thought you were really gonna spark metal on my ass. Guess that explains why it itches."
by Nicholas D March 02, 2012
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