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To use lips to suck nipples. To suck nipples on lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay Lohan's Luscious Lipples
OH man, Nice lipple
stop lippling me man/woman!!
by Ross McCullough November 09, 2007
6 8
a person with nipples (preferably a girl) with lickable nipples.

noun: she has lipples
jessica was eating some porkchop sandwiches when Aaron discovered that she has lipples.
by thegurtmeister2 April 20, 2010
86 9
Little bumps on the inside corners of some peoples lips. more common with girls. they are like reverse dimples.
Owch I bit my Lipple on accident.
by Malahide May 14, 2010
1 4
Lipples - A word that describes nipples, that are more pronounced, and more attractive to women.
"Wow - look at the lipples on that bird!"
by JonnyJJJunior June 22, 2006
3 6