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a ring through you lip also called labret errr
by rat September 21, 2003
16 129
Lip ring simply refers to a Captive Bead Ring peirced thru One's bottom lip. Either in the direct middle or on either side of the lip.
" The boy's lip ring was pierced with the black captive bead ring, in th middle of his lip"
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
106 30
A lip ring is inserted into your lip after having it pierced.

Something a lot of people have these days.

Can be on the top or bottom lip. Anywhere along the lip line.

labrets are NOT lip rings. Labrets are lower than lip rings, as in they're not on the lip line.
"Whoa, that 70 year old woman has five lip rings!"

"No, that would be my sister."
by Chookk April 03, 2006
81 26
A ring that is put thru someones lip. Sexy most of the time-- but only on the right people.
People like Francis should never get a lip ring.
by cookiequeens December 23, 2009
16 3
Is the piercing On ones Bottom lip, usually a deccision made by the owner to rebel against the perants because Mother or Father dont aproove of something.

That or they simply pierce there lip to be unique and stand out amongst a crowed of the same faces.
Boy: Dude did you see that girl at the K-Mart counter.

Girl: the one with the Lip Ring?

Boy: yeah that one, i know her shes Wicked awsome!!
by MattyBoi (FT Tegz) December 11, 2009
16 8
A lipstick line around the pork sword showing how far it has been swallowed
by cracky March 01, 2003
38 109
ugly as hell piece of shit you put on your lip
Marcus Johnston has two ugly lip rings and fuckin wears eye liner what a goth
by djodifj May 17, 2005
30 145