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basically it is a blowjob
"hey whats 69ing?" "its when the guyz has the tongue in a girls vagina and the girl has got the guy in a lip lock"
by Richie__J April 10, 2006
36 98
A strong, passionate, Kiss.
"He put a mean "lip-lock" on 'er, that wouldn't let go."
by Polabear August 11, 2003
68 11
Kiss on the mouth; a french kiss
"There's was a liplock to remember."
by free_me July 06, 2006
62 17

1. a kiss

2. to kiss someone
She tried to give me a lip lock, but I knew it was not safe.
by The Return of Light Joker November 21, 2007
64 32
The pressing of the lips tightly to something or to take orally.
Yolanda put a liplock on Reverend Farnsworth that was anything but chaste.
by harry flashman July 25, 2003
49 26
Someone who fastens their face to yours and then you cant take them off for the rest of the evening
Dat Hoe got lip lock
by molested January 22, 2005
44 34
female teabag
Dude, she totally liplocked me while I was asleep!
by vlojob November 22, 2013
2 0
female wanting to be exclusive with male
After last night that bitch wants to liplock my ass!
by McSham December 19, 2011
16 16