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The act of sucking on someone's lip (usually bottom lip)
She gave me a lip job, then bit down and pulled my mouth closer.
by PandaLand January 31, 2007
Lip Job: synonym for "making out""kissing" "necking"; describes only going so far as to kiss someone when describing a drunk or sober hook-up.
Friend: So how far did you guys go last night?

Friend#1: Nothing too serious, I just gave him a lip job.

Friend: Tonight was crazy- I got five lipjobs from five different guys.
by Bellacita25 October 20, 2010
when giving oral sex to a guy who has a micro-penis and it technically cannot be called sucking.
I gave a Craig a really shallow lipjob because of his micro-penis
by mjgb007 April 18, 2011
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