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When someone has the swagger of a titan and the inner strength of the most fierce species of the animal kingdom- a lion.
Even though Chuck Liddel lost his fight, he showed that he has pure lion heart.
by zroc June 27, 2010
49 7
1.) A great person
2.) A hero like by many
omega lionheart was a pimp
by Darien Wilde November 20, 2003
90 22
"You're my King and I'm your Lionheart"
by lionhearted December 25, 2012
57 9
The ultimate gunblade used by the main character of FF8, Squall. Its limit break, which has the same name as the gunblade, is really powerful and makes for good eye candy.
"Use Lionheart dammit!!"
"Lionheart pwns Omnislash!!"
by Angelo November 06, 2004
30 24
A troll with a huge ass ego.
Lionheart has a huge ego
by Bob the conquerer December 15, 2003
11 30
A guy that has trolled,,,,, has started a group named team lionheart, been banned from all said sites, come back and caused even more problems, and pwned untold numbers of moderators.
That Lionheart guy sure is something
by El Musio December 15, 2003
12 32
A legendary Gamefaqs troll, comparable only to Legendary Latino Heat and Otis. Also known as Darien Wilde and Eddy Lionheart, he shook the very core of gamefaqs with his flamboyant trolling style, and even caused several fads with dancing, aka the most annoying fad in history. Other forums also got upset with him, and soon he received a KOS, but returned to the site sometime later, forming team lionheart, one of the most radical and influential trolling organizations ever.
lionheart is the best troll ever!
by Max December 10, 2003
11 31