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A shaved vagina. Smooth and completely hairless.
It is definitely possible to achieve complete smoothness by shaving only, if one prefers not to wax, but sometimes very time consuming to do.
There is only one pussy this girl goes down on, and it is linoleum.
by Ninjette Ness August 03, 2008
A shaved bush. The opposite of shag carpet. Smooth.
Damn. Her linoleum was slick last night. My face skidded off her pussy and I fell to the floor.
by Merkin Donor December 10, 2007
A slick surface material used for the flooring of many rooms, most notably bathrooms and kitchens.
"Linoleum clearly doesn't mean a breakdancing surface"
by Mike Doherty July 05, 2005
a smooth material that bboys and bgirls use to breakdance on.
Get out your linoleum so we can get down on this break.
by quad December 06, 2004