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Some one who cuts and pastes links from sites like slashdot and others to all of his friends.
That link whore sent me a link to urban dictionary.
by Beany November 30, 2003

1. one who clicks random links online ad infinitum-- usually to the point where he/she no longer realizes:

a.) what he/she was initially looking for.
b.) how he/she arrived at a particular site at all.

2. one who posts/sends random links.
"i'm such a linkwhore-- what was i looking for again? and how did i get to this site about the mating habits of guinea pigs?"

in a given online conversation between two individuals:

Nick: hey, man. click this: insert link here
Jesse: why?
Nick: because it PWNS.
Jesse: stop being such a linkwhore, douchebag. i have BETTER things to do.
by unknown February 29, 2004
One who will do anything to get links for their sites
1: Can you send me your pic?
2: Will you link to my site?
1: Sure I will, can you?
*2 sends, being a linkwhore*
1: You are sooo pretty
2: So why won't you link to my site?
by Jesus Christ is a Wanker July 18, 2008
Someone in a chat room who constantly asks for farmville links.
Damnit Miguel your such a link-whore.
by Not a Link Whore December 14, 2009

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