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friend: "why does your internet keep interrupting?"
me: "I dunno, I've had it with linksys, I'm switching to D-link.."
by shawndude April 25, 2007
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Crappy wireless company that makes gaming a living hell because it randomly makes you freeze or disconnect/connect.
w0w, gg linksys, lag killed me

Person 1: Why did u reconnect?
Person 2: linksys. ROAR!
by Adam November 28, 2004
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Another name for Wireless LAN or WiFi. So called because most people don't change the SSID on their Linksys router to something original, and Linksys is the most popular one.
Sean:"I've got to download a Debian ISO and it's 110 MB and I've got dialup."
Brent:"Here, take my PSP and go to the convenience store and use their Linksys."

The Moose Cafe has free Linksys while you have a coffee.

Yo mamma's so clumsy, she tripped over Linksys cable.
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An elite team of Indian customer service agents, often help you by asking irrelevant questions and ignoring you.
Linksys: So, may I ask what country you reside in?
Customer: USA
Linksys: So you said you need help with a wireless router?
Customer: That's what it says
(wait 20 minutes)
Linksys: So you have a wireless router?
Customer: i hope you get reincarnated as a puss-filled genital wart you smelly indian dirtbag piece of shit
by Zerabelle P. August 20, 2008
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