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A verb that means you want someone to send you the link to a website.
Link me to the site man.
#link #url #web #internet #website
by Sarmen Sinanian May 29, 2006
Jamaican slang, to call someone on their cell phone
Yo Jalisa, when yu a go back ah ya yard, link me
#call #phone #dial #bleep #chirp
by Awryyy November 15, 2007
Asking someone you are emailing or IM'ing to send you a link to a specific site, video, etc. that you are talking about, and probably can't or do not want to find for yourself.
Jon: Dude I found this video of this chick banging a horse!
Steve: Dude! why are we still talking?!?! Link me bro!
Jon: some link to beastiality. (Sorry guys, I got none)
Steve: Gotta see this!
#link #send the link #raincheck #link meh #link me bro! #what's url?
by Co0k1eM0n5tr805 June 03, 2009
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