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Lingerie is a term, derived from the French language, for women's undergarments. These garments are heavily eroticised in American culture.

Often Lingerie is best in appearance on trim and fit females, not big fat porkers.

Lingerie can be in the form of bras, panties (including various forms such as thongs, g-strings, etc.), stockings, teddies, garterbelts, babydolls, corsets, etc.

Can be a fetish of some perversional people.
She looked great in her sexy lingerie before I had sex with her.
by Gerald Gasda October 21, 2005
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1. A kind of clothing that is more expensive when less material is used.
2. Clothes that are put on with the whole purpose and intention of taking off.
She put on the lingerie hoping to appear enticing, though any guy at the party would have had rather seen her appear au nautural.
by Scott Andrew Thomas January 29, 2009
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Lingerie is a term for women's fashion undergarments.

It is usually made of Lycra, nylon, polyester, satin, lace and/or silk.

Some lingerie doubles as outerwear.

Lingerie includes:
* Babydoll
* Basque
* Bedjacket
* Blanket sleeper
* Bloomers
* Bodystocking
* Bodysuit
* Bodice
* Boy shorts
* Brassiere
* Bustier
* Camisole
* Camiknickers
* Cami Shorts
* Cheeky
* Chemise
* Corset
* Corselet
* Drawers
* French maid
* G-String/Thong
* Garter
* Garter belt
* Girdle
* Granny panties
* Hosiery
* Jersey nightshirt
* Knickers
* Leotard
* Merry widow
* Naughty & Nice
* Negligee
* Nightgown or Nightie
* Nightshirt
* Panties
* Peignoir
* Petticoat
* Pettipants
* Robe
* Slip
* Spanky-Pants
* Stockings
* Stringbody
* Suspender belt
* Tanga
* Tap Pants
* Teddy
* Undergarment
* Unitard
by use with caution January 28, 2008
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A somewhat pointless, yet amazingly sexy undergarment usually worn by women to arouse and excite men. The reason for it being pointless is beacuse if the situation calls for lingerie, a stained and oversized t-shirt will excite men just as much, because neither will be staying on for an extended period of time. Lingerie may take the form of thongs, garter belts, bras, and other lacey things...
"She looked great in that lingerie...but as I recall, she looks just as good in my t-shirt when the mood is right."
by unluckyenigma March 16, 2006
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women's underwear and nightclothes. They also use this term in the movie mean girls.
Halloween is the one night a year a girl and dress like a total slut, and nobody can say anything about it. And the hardcore girls, just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.
by mothafockas May 30, 2005
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a class of women's garments with unecessary and mind-boggling fasteners and straps that act as puzzling impediment to engaging in coitus.
"Can you puh-leaze just undo this piece of lingerie yourself?"
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
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A common sexy underwear, mainly worn by women or Stuey. Stuey is a top-class defender playing for the mighty Jocks. He can also be seen defacing signs on the Green Street roundabout with the Leitch (beast of Jersey).
Alright bird? Are you gonna wear that sexy Stuey Lingerie I bought you last week ya dirty lickle bitch.
by Dave Matthews (Selleck, Squeak) December 17, 2005
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