Ok Lineage is a realy good game..maybe not the best game in world but its realy good...im tellin you...its worth playing it...i'v been playing it my self for 4 years...ok more abaut it...yeh btw the is now LineAge 2 Kameal...so you start withg making a charecter you can choose Human,Light Elf,Dark Elf,Orc and Dwarf...there are many different classes for example "Tyrant" Is Areally good class for pvps(player vs player)...in this game you have big map very nice music and nature...you have to kill mobs(monsters) to rise your lvl(level) to get money also kill mobs (monsters) and other things also...if u want to play it then go to w w w.extremetop100.c o m...and ull find it...also in it you do quests you can marrie go for raid bosses...get in to clans.allys....you can be leader of your clan then later you can go on siege to take up an castle...of course other calns will be in war with you ...so ull have to defend your castle...you also have diffrent events its GM (GameMaster) who makes them.and many more things u can do there...enjoy it^^
Me-Hey.what up how u doing igor?
Igor-Ahh Hi Im Bored...
Me-Maybe Lets Go PLay Lineage 2
igor-what is that? is it good?
Me-yeah its one of the best games
by Zex_Skater_Dude February 23, 2008
Top Definition
A new game by NCSoft
(new in 2004)

it's pretty cool :P
lineage 2 pwns city of heroes
by murt May 16, 2004
An mmorpg released by Ncsoft on October 1, 2003 in South Korea and April 27, 2004 in US/Europe.
One of the hardest games around when it comes to advancement, but the game quite possibly has the best endgame experience (offering large scale PvP, castle sieges, Olympiad).

Advancing in game is found so hard that the use of bots (script that level for you) has almost become a normality.
The US/EU community is considered to be somewhat harsh, but also versatile.
Low level PvP in lineage 2 id non-existent. So casual gamers are left with the exhilarating PvE grind, which resembles masturbating with a cheese grinder (1st few strokes might be ok, just coz it's something new, but pain is bound catch up soon)
by cer0 February 17, 2008
Ok, this is a fuckin awesome game. Even a complete idiot can see that.

Now for the idiots who had never played a mmorpg before L2, consider this:

1.NCsoft doesnt care about american customers (or anyone who speaks english).
2. NCsoft has shutdown all the decent help websites so you have to by their guide.
3. NCsoft preferrs chinese farmers over real customers (you know the botters, they guys who say "rang rang!" and then kill you and steal your items?)
4. Griefing very easy (and so I proved when i left the hindemith server)
5. They really dont care to make you happy, they want your money and they know you will pay because your a fuckin retard.

So please, just stop. Play a freeshard. More uptime and GMs who speak english
Guy 1: Haha, this GM is a fuckin retard!
Guy 2: True, but I deleveled 10 bots today.
Guy 1: No fuckin way!
Guy 2: Yeah, but I got my best character removed for it. They said I was causing them "economic problems".
by Fake Name December 07, 2004
The greatest game ever u gotta play it else i cut off your balls...

I mean it :D
u better start today i got a knife lol :D
by Psy from Devianne August 28, 2004
A MMORPG with a good clan system, mass events like castle siege and dragon raids, good 3D engine, beautiful female humans, pretty female elves and sexiest female dark elves, impressive music.

On the North American servers, it's full of scams, deceit, hacks, abuse of trust, war, adena farmers, whiners, 6 year old GMs that are outsourced from China.

On the Japanese servers, it's full of love and peace.
You go now! Rang Rang! PK! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
by wyred September 07, 2004
The funnest and 1337est MMORPG ever created. A game in which you can fuck with and kill anyone you want. A game where you don't have to rely on so many others to go raiding all the time and MAYBE get something out of it. This game is great.
WoW is for pussies, Lineage 2 is for me.
by 1337GamesOnly February 05, 2007
An MMORPG (what a generous term for this game) that involves countless hours of grinding. Makes Everquest look like a racing game in terms of advancement.

Mathematically speaking, one would have to kill approx 1.2k mobs to reach near the end of the leveling treadmill.
"Wow Lineage II sucks, I'm going to get some fresh air!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
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