The perfect game for wasting time in your school's computer class. WILL MAKE YOUR TEACHER PISSED.
So today in Web Design I played Line Rider.
by Best game ever? January 30, 2011
Top Definition
addicting game that has no meaning other than to waste time. sometimes confused as verb
"did you line rider after school?"

"i got a sweet line rider on my computer at home"
by The FriedRiceFreak December 03, 2006
1) The best street game ever! Can be real life practiced on snow.
2) A guy who only rides asses also called crackrider.
1) Oh my god i did a loop in Linerider.
2) My boyfriend is such a linerider that I can't sit for 2 hours after he's done.
by motgtht December 12, 2006
1. An online game where you build a sort of skate park.

2. An online game favoured by teenage boys who have nothing better to do so they can zone out.

3. Good alternative to computer lab and doing work in school.
I was so busted for playing line-rider last week!
by StuckinSchool87 April 10, 2009
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