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It's when you go out to a club, get really trashed on booze and drugs, and party until the wee hours of the morning.
It's my birthday and I'm totally gonna do a Lindsey Lohan tonight!
by Mistah Razzmatazz October 09, 2005
146 163
noun. A serious actress/singer...

See whore, slut, Lindsey Hoe-han, hoe bag, fire crotch, and skank.
Today in celebrity new, Lindsey Lohan contracted a sexually transmitted disease *pause* ....again.
by Jet Lee November 19, 2006
36 58
redheaded actress, starred in the parent trap, freaky friday and mean girls
lindsey lohan should stop doing bad marilyn poses
yes my def does use lindsay lohan in a sentence actually.oh ok fine whatever im tired
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
52 77
A talentlackingfoolLindsey Lohan is slightly,(only slightly!) better than her rival the ever so sickeningly sweet Hilary Duff.
Lindsey Lohan: I bet you can't be as sluty as me Hilary!
Hilary Duff: You're on bitch!
by K-FedUp April 09, 2006
59 90
an actress/singer who has absolutly no talent at all yet for some reason everyone loves (like hilary duff....stupid ugly slut)
stupid ugly fat whore whos boobs mysteriously grew 5 sizes over night
by crystal March 04, 2005
165 197
female actress who got her carrer jump in the movie, the parent trap, and has now blossomed into a big breasted beauty.
I want to power-hump Lindsey Lohan.
by knucklehead February 21, 2005
87 122
a ho with biggass titties is hot
its a rap on frestyle from some nigguh
by Dominic Moff June 17, 2005
54 121