Actress and lesbian sex slave. When she went to prision all the lesbians in there wanted a piece of that lohan ass.
Shes hot but don't know how to stay out of troble.
Lindsay Lohan is an actress and lesbian sex slave.
by Deep blue 2012 August 02, 2010
A teen actress/singer who recently made public her battle with bulimia and drug use. LIndsay makes almost 7 million dollars a picture and is a staple at Hollywood and New York hot spots. She is constantly in the spotlight and has probably been in about 1500 tabloids this year, at least. Unlike some actresses LIndsay has admitted that she suffers from an eating disorder and is willing to be vulnerable to the world. Lindsay has recently chosen very serious movie roles and will probably continue to be successful in Hollywood.
I am proud of Lindsay Lohan for being honest with her fans and her most recent announcement will hopefully encourage other stars to admit their weaknesses.
by JAP030 January 04, 2006
A once promising young actress with talent and great looks that for some reason completely flipped her lid and started doing so many drugs that she now looks like a 10 cent crack whore. She is barely able to get a movie role now because she is uninsurable. Her drug habit has left her confused sexually also, in that she thinks she's a lesbian, and for some reason is dating a girl that looks like a guy. Um...why not just keep dating dudes if you're gonna date a chick that could go by "Ralph."
Joe: "Dude...what's that crackwhore doin here on Rodeo Dr.?"

Bob: "Fuck man, that ain't a crackwhore, that's Lindsay Lohan!"

Joe: "Lindsay Lohan *IS* a crackwhore now!"

Bob: "Oh, sorry. Almost forgot."
by EMR1976 July 28, 2009
a person i met in nyc...who is AMAZINGLY nice and needs to be treated with a little empathy, because what she's going through - while her fault - would be terrifying and career-destroying.
I met Lindsay Lohan in NYC!
by Whatsittoya August 12, 2007
Ginger. Used to be hott. But now she`s blonde and i jusx hate blondes no offence yah dig.
if yhu want yhur kids to have ANY respect in life don`t let them be child stars. Like Lindsay Lohan
by Duke420 June 08, 2007
Beautiful, talented redhead who unfortunately fell into the Hollywood blonde-anorexia-coke trap but has successfully rebounded back (almost) to her curvy hot self. Great actress, has Meryl Streep and Robert Altman singing praises about her.
Team Lindsay Lohan.
by Christine888 May 31, 2006
Same as Hilary duff-relies on present fame and image for success.

Not very talented, but at least has more talent then Hilary Duff. She can dance a little BIT AND CO-WRITES HER SONGS. hER ACTING SKILLS AREN'T GREAT, BUT THEY'RE A LOT BETTER than hilary duff's.

Also she has a more mature personality.
Lindsay Lohan is a redhead.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005

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