Some fat lesbian shit.
Liam: Hey Charles, who is a fat lesbian shit?
Charles: Lindsay Lohan.
by Guy Who Laughs At Fatties July 18, 2009
A ugly girl how thinks she all that. She has these very ugly freeckles that she hids away with make-up. She is a total fake 100%
you can tell mshe had plastisc segrey on her breasts because a skinny girl can't have big breats like that.
by Elizabeth Payne August 04, 2005
more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes than 99.9% than the girls on the Earth-- if you disagree then you're retarded.
smart guy : lindsay lohan is just.... wow...
retarded guy : no she's not
by realist theory of IR November 14, 2007
Just a fucking cunt! That's it!
Losers say, "Ooooh look, its Lindsay Lohan and her gal pals running across the red carpet at the MTV awards."

Normal People say, "Whore alert! I hope nobody slips on that cunts snail trail."
by I So Visionary June 09, 2010
Lesbian, drug/alcoholic, slut, skank, looser, wiener, bitch, mother fucker!!!
me: hey lindsay,,, are...are you smoking and drinking and doing drugs and making out with your girlfriend and...and showing boys your pussy and nipples????

lindsay lohan: maybe.....ok you caught me!!!
by janee green June 09, 2009
A once promising young actress with talent and great looks that for some reason completely flipped her lid and started doing so many drugs that she now looks like a 10 cent crack whore. She is barely able to get a movie role now because she is uninsurable. Her drug habit has left her confused sexually also, in that she thinks she's a lesbian, and for some reason is dating a girl that looks like a guy. Um...why not just keep dating dudes if you're gonna date a chick that could go by "Ralph."
Joe: "Dude...what's that crackwhore doin here on Rodeo Dr.?"

Bob: "Fuck man, that ain't a crackwhore, that's Lindsay Lohan!"

Joe: "Lindsay Lohan *IS* a crackwhore now!"

Bob: "Oh, sorry. Almost forgot."
by EMR1976 July 28, 2009
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