Started off as a totally hot, big boobed actress with an amazing perfect figure and what looked like talent. Then went Britney Spears on our asses and decided to drive like a manic, snort coke, and turn into a walking skeleton with bleached hair in the shade of 'fresh skank'.

Decided to become lesbian with Sam Ronson and let's face it could have had someone much hotter. As Eminem would say 'Samantha's a 2, you're practically a 10'.

Also has a sister called Ali who is a less hot yet cleaner looking version of Lindsay.

Hopefully she will clean up her act, ditch the skank hair and eat some food.
Dave: Amy from High School used to be so hot.

Andy: Yeah I heard she got hooked on heroin.

Dave: Shame, she's such a Lindsay Lohan now.
by CarlyBunny July 08, 2009
A ugly girl how thinks she all that. She has these very ugly freeckles that she hids away with make-up. She is a total fake 100%
you can tell mshe had plastisc segrey on her breasts because a skinny girl can't have big breats like that.
by Elizabeth Payne August 04, 2005
Just a fucking cunt! That's it!
Losers say, "Ooooh look, its Lindsay Lohan and her gal pals running across the red carpet at the MTV awards."

Normal People say, "Whore alert! I hope nobody slips on that cunts snail trail."
by I So Visionary June 09, 2010
more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes than 99.9% than the girls on the Earth-- if you disagree then you're retarded.
smart guy : lindsay lohan is just.... wow...
retarded guy : no she's not
by realist theory of IR November 14, 2007
Lesbian, drug/alcoholic, slut, skank, looser, wiener, bitch, mother fucker!!!
me: hey lindsay,,, are...are you smoking and drinking and doing drugs and making out with your girlfriend and...and showing boys your pussy and nipples????

lindsay lohan: maybe.....ok you caught me!!!
by janee green June 09, 2009
A dyke.
Jenna: Who's that dyke?

Brian: It's Lindsay Lohan.

Jenna: Oh.
by Mystery Dink February 19, 2009
An actress/singer somewhat in the likes of Hilary Duff. Nowadays she is battling a rumor that she had bullemia (although she did mysteriously lose a lot of weight) and trying to shake her disney-girl image by returning to her natural hair color and doing much more rock-type music.

Lohan is a popular subject among people who have nothing better to do than to insult people online. Contrary to popular belief, she CAN act quite well, she IS very good-looking, she did NOT get a boob job, and there is no denying that she CAN carry a tune. She's starting to get rid of her teen idol image and be more of a talent but first she has to stop being a celebrity sellout bitch.
Prep: oh emm geee. I <3 lindsay lohan's first CD
Punk: shut up bitch her second CD was good but the first was pop.
by family tree-strings January 19, 2006

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