stupid slut, can't even sing nor act, brainwashes little tweens into wearing halter tops, and is anorexic and smokes. YOU CALL THAT A ROLE MODEL? NOT..
Lindsay Lohan sucks, period.
by .brandons-wife. August 23, 2005
untalented ginger bitch that thinks she can act and sing who had a nose and boob job but denies it
why dont lindsay lohan just admit she had a nose and boob job everyone already knows it
by Jade April 22, 2005
A cute talented actress but bad singer who is nice but shows a lil bit too much of her body that needs to get a few pounds back on it.
You need to eat or you'll turn into a Lindsay.
by xcookiex July 10, 2005
talented actress, not so great singer, has large breasts...wait sorry, HAD large breasts, was very pretty, but became a creepy scarecrow. oh yeah, became a blonde, too. red was her color.
Person: well, seeing your spine is pretty cool..
by flERGAM November 17, 2005
Cheesy, slutty, fake "singer" and "actress"

I think she's had a few too many boob jobs and fake tans to be considered respectable, in my book.
If her boobs are real, so is Britney singing live.
by HardcorePrincess May 17, 2005
Another air headed celebrity, posing off both Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton. Says she " doesnt want to be like any other girl in the world"

Yes Lohan. Thats why youve dyed your hair blonde, gotten an obvious boob job, erased your freckles, and gone anorexic. Nice.
"Lindsay Lohan is a copycat of everyother celeb.
by MeliMelo July 06, 2005
slang for cocaine, when you can't say "cocaine" out loud
Hey, can I get some lindsay lohan tonite?
by Leah M February 12, 2008
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