A young starlett who used to be cute but who is now a pathetic drugged out tramp who i heard does drugs with her mom
Lindsay Lohan always looks drugged out and probably smealls like she was in the coatroom with a bunch of guys
#desperate #bedhopper #talentless #drugy #drunk
by juiice February 08, 2007
1: Yet another talentless, vapid, useless celebrity on a par with other trash such as Hilary Duff, Paris Hiltonand Britney Spears. Also is a ugly, strung out alcoholic crack-whore that should be ignored into oblivion. Please boycott her movies and music, and whatever other useless crap she promotes, and maybe Hollywood will get the picture and stop shoving her down our throats.

2: To go from being an okay looking redhead with a nice body to yet another skinny, drug-addicted, useless Hollywood whore.

3: A person with a dysfunctional family including (but not limited to):
A. An overbearing, pushy, stage mother who pushes her ugly kids to make money and become famous so she can steal it and live off the accomplishments of her kids because she's basically useless, untalented and too ugly to be famous herself.
B. A drug-addicted father who beats the shiat out of his wife and terrorizes his family. Spends a LOT of time in jail, and writes letters to magazines about his famous daughter being poisoned against him by her bitch mother. Is also determined to get his hands on his daughter's money. Warps his skank daughter's mind so she develops "daddy issues" and goes around trying to bang men twice her age, but will pretty much screw anything or anyone.
C. An ugly little sister who looks like a troll, who is also being shoved into the spotlight by the aforementioned mother because she is greedy and wants MORE money.
D. Maybe more ugly, talentless siblings. Who knows or cares?

(Can be used as a verb or an adjective)
1) Me: What do you think of Lindsay Lohan?

99% of people: She's a nasty, talentless whore.

2) There goes Jessica. Remember when she had a nice body and pretty red hair? Now she's a total Lindsay Lohan!!

3)ex 1: Poor Amy. Did you hear about her dad going to jail for heroin possesion and her mom becoming a prostitute? Her family is totally Lindsay Lohaning down the crapper, what a shame. (verb)

ex 2: God, that guy's family is SO Lindsay Lohan, I hope he turns out OK. (adj)
#dysfunctional #white trash #tanorexic #whore #worthless
by tsarina amanda May 01, 2006
1) Talented actress who used to be fucking hot, before she started sniffing cocaine, drinking massive amounts of alcohol and becoming anorexic.

2) Cocaine.

- Guy #1: Hey dude, I know it sounds fucking gay but did you see "Mean Girls"?

- Guy #2: Yeah bro! Lindsay Lohan was too fucking hot in that movie man.

2) Hey I got some of that Lindsay Lohan, a kilo to be exact.
#la lohan #lilo #cocaine #ecstasy #anorexic #redhead #hot #used to be hot #actress #weed #drugs #alcoholic #rehab #i'd hit it
by BadassDude May 27, 2009
Freakin ugly-ass bitch with a big-ass forehead and unibrow.
Lindsay Lohan is an ugly-ass bitch with a bigass forehead and unibrow
#ugly #slut #cocaine #anorexic #bulemic
by Pic Child April 28, 2008
Proof that Paris Hilton's talentless whoreishness is contagious.
Lindsay Lohan should serve as a warning to others: Hang out with Paris Hilton and you'll become a talentless anorexic whore just like her.
#paris hilton #skank #slut #anorexic #whore #lindsay
by agentsteve August 17, 2007
The living proof that the american justice system has preference for celebrities. Despite having uncountable charges for drug possession and driving while being drunk, Lohan always manages to stay away from jail and ignore the community service and rehabilitation therapies the judges carry to her.
Lindsay Lohan was sentenced for a month in jail and only stayed for six days. Then went to rehab and left it shortly afterwards.
#actress #judicial system #drugs #alcohol #scandal
by Mazmorrero January 05, 2012
A once-talented actress who threw her whole career and life into the toilet.
Guy #1: Hey do you like Lindsay Lohan?
Guy #2: I used to....
#messed up #girl #celebrity #actress #old news
by ~The Wizard~ January 05, 2013
1. One who does not change facial expressions.
Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions.
#ytmnd #lindsay #lohan #facial #expressions #lindsay lohan #facial expressions
by GreatHammurabi July 07, 2006
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