A young starlett who used to be cute but who is now a pathetic drugged out tramp who i heard does drugs with her mom
Lindsay Lohan always looks drugged out and probably smealls like she was in the coatroom with a bunch of guys
#desperate #bedhopper #talentless #drugy #drunk
by juiice February 08, 2007
an aids wagon
i just took a ride on lindsay lohan and got aids
#lindsay #lohan #aids #hiv #crackwhore
by that guy whos always right August 09, 2009
A walkin', talkin', stick figure disgrace to women everywhere, who can't sing nor act and who's boobs are bigger than her career.
Lindsay Lohan is a perfect example of an anorexic 'supposed to be a celeb' Paris Hilton, mixed with a Pamela Anderson/Jessica Simpson whos boobs are bigger than their career.

"My mom says if I ever try to be Lindsay Lohan, she'll kick me out of the house for being an anorexic whore."
#whore #slut #jessica simpson #pamela anderson #stick
by Mollika January 11, 2006
A redhead who, like Hilary Duff, is a teen actress who thinks she's cool but really isn't. She also has a large chest and it's rumored that she had plastic surgery to get them. Hilary started a spat with her to get media attention, but it turns out that Aaron Carter was cheating on both of them, so they really should have been mad at him, but they weren't because they're both idiots.
I think Lindsay and Hilary Duff should stop singing and acting and save us all some trouble.
by Kitty April 24, 2005
Freckles and/or one big freckle
"wow look how many lindsay lohans that girl has!!!!"
by Sadler January 23, 2005
A young woman who very much resembles a 90 year old and has let herself get sucked into the media along with everyone else.
Lindsay Lohan reminds me of my great grandmother.
#lindsay #lohan #old #young #anorexic
by seth_cohen_fan January 13, 2006
(n) Alcoholic beverage.

A red-headed slut with a splash of coke.

- 1 part peach schnapps
- 1 part Jagermeister
- 1/2 part cranberry juice
- 1/2 part Cola
Patron: Let me get a Lindsay Lohan.
Bartender: Yeah right...
Patron: Its a red-headed slut with a splash of coke.
#lindsay #lohan #slut #cocktail #drink #alcohol #jager #jagermeister
by dcbarlove January 12, 2009
A large pair of breasts on a woman. Comes from the fact that Lindsay Lohan has large boobs.
"Damn. She's got big lindsay lohans. And she's my girlfriend. Titfucking, here I come!"
by AJAW December 31, 2004
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