A young starlett who used to be cute but who is now a pathetic drugged out tramp who i heard does drugs with her mom
Lindsay Lohan always looks drugged out and probably smealls like she was in the coatroom with a bunch of guys
by juiice February 08, 2007
Overdramatic behavior. Complete loss of reality.
Seriously, calm down. Don't get all Lindsay Lohan on me.
by coppercroch December 03, 2010
A talented actress, lousy singer who was once very beautiful, but now is skinny and nasty with dried-up blonde hair that looks like the bristles on a broom. Once idolized Paris Hilton, but now hates her for stealing Mary-Kate's "man". A stupid whore that I used to like until she got a big head after starring in "Freaky Friday".
Bouncer: "You can't get in the club"

Lindsay:"Do you KNOW who I am??!!!" I'm Lindsay Lohan from "Freaky Friday"!!
by fags-in-the-shower January 17, 2006
A dumb bitch who doen't believe in panties
Lindsay Lohan, please put your clothes back on.
by skankymcskankerskank February 28, 2010
ugly stupid bitch that can't sing or do anything else except have breast enlargements
that girl is such a lindsay lohan....urgh...
by lindsay hater April 14, 2005
A young women who was once adorable but who has now evoloved into a bar hopping clubbed out drugged out slut
Lindsay Lohan frequents bars and clubs alot while supposed to be in rehab. she also, i hear, likes to do drugs with her mom
by juiice February 09, 2007
A cute and talented young actress that could have been a good role model for girls, but instead decided to ruin her career with excessive partying.
So tragic.
Let this be a lesson to aspiring young actresses everywhere. If you want to be taken seriously as an actress, stay out of the tabloids.
She had such potential, but turned out to be another Lindsay Lohan.
by crystal waters September 22, 2006
BiG ASS TITTIES!!!!!!1!!!!!!!11!!
i played with her lindsay's all night.
by Rehab is 4 quitters March 05, 2005
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