A young starlett who used to be cute but who is now a pathetic drugged out tramp who i heard does drugs with her mom
Lindsay Lohan always looks drugged out and probably smealls like she was in the coatroom with a bunch of guys
by juiice February 08, 2007
I redarded red head who gives a new definition to "dumb blonde"

Also the nickname i have that i HATE, as i hate lindsay lohan with every ounce of my five fott tall being
Evil girl at school: Hey LINDSAY LOHAN!!

Me (lindsay/lizzie) : Bite me bitch!
by Lindsay not Lohan May 10, 2005
She is hot. I would tap that.
"There's Lindsay Lohan. Would you tap that?"
"Yes, yes I would tap that."
by lizzi May 18, 2005
A pretty, talented actress who has been singing since the age of 2 and decides now to start singing professionaly. Also see: dyed hair for movie role, will go back to red once done filming.
Lindsay Lohan is so much better than Hilary Duff
by xx_reality_xxSteph September 14, 2005
-Just another target of the Urban Dictionary haters

-a very hot actress/singer/model
jealous girl 1: hey lets go hate on lindsay lohan lol!!

jealous girl 2: o yea i totally like hate how shes hotter than me
by madvilliny May 04, 2006
Beautiful talented teen, who can act well, and unlike Hilary Duff, doesnt manage to bollocks everything up
Lindsay is such a babe. She has huge tits too.
by Josh March 01, 2005
pretty, curvy redheaded girl, who is a great actress and singer.
"lindsay lohan is a really great actress and singer"
by thetreacletramp August 14, 2005
Proof there is a God.
"And on the seventh day God rested, came up with a better idea, and on the eighth day created Lindsay Lohan."
by small town hero March 29, 2005
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