n- a girl who is going to end up like brittany spears or jessica simpson most likely.
Lindsay Lohan is a girl who used to be a good role model for girls. She starred in the classic movie The Parent Trap, was modest, and didn't wear tons of makeup. But it all went downhill from there.

Eventually, she began to wear more and more makeup, wear less an less clothes, and shoot sicker and more gross videos. Just like Brittany and Jessica. I wish that Lindsay could have stayed how she was when she was twelve. :(
by 13thirteen13 January 02, 2007
Slang which refers to Cocaine, Coke, Crack, Blow, Yayo, Snow, white girl, etc because of the actress most recently in the tabloids and her association with the drug cocaine.
fiend: Yo lemme get some of that white girl.
dealer: Oh you mean some lindsay lohan! Fo sho!
by mackin909 November 01, 2007

-This is urban dictionary, not wikipedia.. everyone knows who Lindsay Lohan is..
I got that white girl, that lindsay lohan, and all you gotta do is ask lindsay lohan, and if you like that blow, then gurl i blow mines... im fresh outa christina but i got that britney spears.. ya dig? I got that white lady so im dirvin ms daisy and 2 grand flat getcha four and a baby. - lil wayne, white girl remix
by john2228 February 12, 2010
A shot:
Readheaded Slut with a splash of Coke
Can I get a Lindsay Lohan?
A what?
A Readheaded Slut with a splah of Coke.
by iheartfast September 08, 2010
drug addict, drug user, alchohol drinker, anything realted to drugs and alchohol
boy 1: hey man, look at that girl, she must be the lindsay lohan of her school.....
boy 2: guess you're right, her facial structures really look like she had drugs, sallow face, heavy eyebags, red eyes..
by non_drug_user July 30, 2009

Dude 1- "Oh dude lindsay lohan is so hot and blonde! man i'd tap that!"

Dude 2- "No bro its fake blonde hair. It was origanlly red"

Dude 1- "well man, nevermind. i dont like them firecrotches"
by ohh lordd November 10, 2008
Started off as a totally hot, big boobed actress with an amazing perfect figure and what looked like talent. Then went Britney Spears on our asses and decided to drive like a manic, snort coke, and turn into a walking skeleton with bleached hair in the shade of 'fresh skank'.

Decided to become lesbian with Sam Ronson and let's face it could have had someone much hotter. As Eminem would say 'Samantha's a 2, you're practically a 10'.

Also has a sister called Ali who is a less hot yet cleaner looking version of Lindsay.

Hopefully she will clean up her act, ditch the skank hair and eat some food.
Dave: Amy from High School used to be so hot.

Andy: Yeah I heard she got hooked on heroin.

Dave: Shame, she's such a Lindsay Lohan now.
by CarlyBunny July 08, 2009
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