One of the greatest high schools on Long Island's south shore, Lindenhurst High School has an incredible Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps (MCJROTC) which serves to provide discipline while teaching Leadership to individuals.
Lindenhurst High School Students in the MCJROTC program participated in a Drill Competition at SUNY Maritime College.
by AriRuti January 14, 2010
Top Definition
run by a fat principle who jogs around the school after hours to "lose weight". lhs can't afford funding for shit b/c the budget is hated by all the citizens. the deans like to take your headphones and hats to pretend like they do their job when all they have to do is go into the bathrooms and bust kids for smoking on school property. the teachers are either really cool cats or the BIGGEST dickheads you will ever meet. the kids are the worst part of all. you have the obnoxious spanish bitches who squeal at frequencies that will make your ears bleed and they group in the hallways like cancer. you have the black bitches who think everyone wants to know their business and then give you lip when your fed up with hearing their shit and want to walk around their giant, slow moving asses. you have the stoners who flock to the smokers' corner every morning (and any free period they have) just to get their fix for the day (hour). you have the fat italian (polish too) bitches who think they are the hottest thing since sliced bread. you have the dirt bag alternative learning center (alc) kids and juggalos (same thing). the honors kids and the preps. and last, but not least, the freshmen with backpacks that make you stare in wonder at how such a tiny person can support a backpack four times the size of his body; they like to run through the hallways b/c you can never be too early for class! yeahh rightt.
at lindenhurst high school there is one drug dealer for every five students.
by swindlehurst gangstah July 08, 2009
There are the white girls who keep to themselves but are bad asses, the italian girls, the girls who think schools some sort of fashion show, the skinny girls who look 12, the black obnoxious people, the spanish kids who walk super slow in the hallway, the juggalos, the dirt bags, the dirt bag alc kids, the drug dealers who 20 years from now go to the street near subway and they will still be there, and the fat bitchy people. Then the dike dean who will take your head phones and hat.
Dirtbag ALC kids: Yo are you good for a nic?
Drug dealers: YEa bro meet me at the smokers corner at lindenhurst high school
Dirtbag ALC kids: aiight
by Sajavvv April 24, 2009
Public High School in Lindenhurst, New York. officially Lindenhurst SENIOR High school but no one gives a flying fuck. L(S)HS is supposedly an excellent school but that's only cuz we hav high test scores-which is because the teachers are so chill and don't care if we cheat. If u new the RIGHT way to rate a school, which is by % of kids going to college, you'd find Lindy HS is only 40%, which is lower than West Babylon, North Babylon Farmingdale, and Deer Park-which we're supposedly better than. More and more parents are sending their kids to private school (especially st johns), so it won't be long before LHS is just like Amityville HS, or even worse, Copiague...

Another problem is that the school keeps on increasing the bussing limit...1.5 miles now?? Why can't the school board realize that this town has NO FUCKING SIDEWALKS???!!!!! And is full of sex offenders!!

Our rival is William Floyd High School, but since that's 30 fucking miles away, we spend more time bothering Copiague and Massapequa (we're pretty friendly with Amityville and West Babylon).

As for the types of students, it's already been said!
Stupid LHS mom: I'm so happy to send my son to a school as good as Lindenhurst High School! How is your son doing in West Babylon HS???? Awful I presume.

Smart WBSHS Mom: *stifles a laugh*
by Person102297 December 27, 2011
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