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When you dress up men to look like women when you have sex with them in order to pretend you are not gay. Can be both oral and anal sex.
The man in the closet pulled a lindahl so his friends didnt know he was gay.

If you pull a lindahl you can pretend you are straight. Good for guys who cant admit to themselves they are gay.
by Lance Gary October 14, 2009
A Lindahl happens when two men are having sex. One man is bent over and the other is behind doing him in the butt. During the course of vigorous sex the penis slips out of the ass and is accidently thrust forth again hitting the man bent over square in the testicles.

The act of slipping out of the ass and hitting the testicles is called a Lindahl
I am walking funny because my boyfriend accidentaly got me with a Lindahl and my nuts are killing me
by Schlong Petersons October 13, 2009
A frilly style of man-purse made popular in Irvine, CA. It hit the Southerna California by storm last winter resulting in many applications of the style including Lindahl "mackpacks" (backpack line), Lindahl "doggie style" (small dog carriers), and the Lindahl "fanny pack" (available in two colors, fudge and chocolate thunder). These will be a must have man accessory this winter
"Wow, Look at Tom's new Lindahl Doggie Style, it totally matches his shoes!"

"I went to the mall totally rocking my Lindahl Mackpack with built in speakers, I couldn't keep the dudes off me."
by sellmeat October 14, 2009
Someone who is beyond attractive, and watches a ton of movies. This person has killer blue eyes, and is one of the sweetest types of people you will meet. This person has a wonderful smile, and is usually quiet but very charming. This person is a keeper.
Wow, when I met Lindahl, I was swooning.
by Keep It Tasty September 03, 2011
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