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A small hood on the East Side of Sacramento. Known for drug deals, gang activity, and simply thug shit. Its Pirus dat run the hood, and Mills Station is not apart of this hood; dats White Rock. Lincoln Village extends from Bradshaw to Old Placerville and out to Routier, dats it....
Nikkas bangin dat 3400 Mayes Block shit in lincoln village.
by Trey400 March 02, 2011
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a neighborhood in Sacramento/Rancho Cordova. The place is not ghetto. it's a decent and affordable neighborhood and the only ghetto in this neighborhood is the neighborhood near it known as mills station
Hey brah I live in da lincoln village
by lil dude916 January 22, 2011
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A small portion of Rancho Cordova (California) that is said to be a miniature Oak Park (Refer to Oak Park). Lincoln Village is a small ghetto south of Bradshaw Road just north of Mather Field. Rancho Cordova is the target for most drug smuggles, and gang affiliated crimes. Mather Field being know to be another part of Rancho Cordova that is constantly monitored, due to gang activity.
Yo nigga, Lincoln Village Blood nikka, yadadi.
by W. James Fisher January 02, 2007
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