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aite so lincoln heights is a neighborhood in sesd or southeast san diego...near paradise hills. it is not a place you wana be at night. poor neighborhood, with a big gang problem. primarily hispanic black and asian, nearly even. The school, lincoln High, was closed because kids kept getting blasted or 'klacked'. It's reopened though. A lot of the kids when Lincoln closed went to nearby SCPA or the performing arts school in paradise hills. A lot of them are still really defensive about lincoln and don't wear green unless you go there or u gona get shot, you don't see a kid in Lincoln Heights wearing green if they don't go to Lincoln Heigh or they kmow they gonna get shot.
Lincoln heights is a ghetto neighborhood in san diego.
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
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Awww yeaahh, best place in LA, especially if you wanna get some bullet up your ass. It's the heart of Los Angeles, and the oldest town in Los Angeles. Broadway runs right through it, and the town also contains many very nice people (and some kinda frightening ones). It's got Lincoln park (which has an amazing lake) and a beautiful ambiance. The town's also got a lot of kids who stay home at dark cause they don't want, as I said earlier, bullet up their asses. Lincoln Heights has a lot of very attractive palm trees too that really bring out the beauty in all the concrete...
I was raised in Lincoln Heights and can spend countless hours admiring all of the beautiful palm trees and flourishing gang populations.
by rockinbeans December 01, 2013

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