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these group of fabulous girls at alice deal consist of: hanna, lilli, norah, sarah, and amanda. they actually didnt come up with this title for themselves and they hate it LIKE A MUG! (yes, that is language picked up from deal). they're very close and even formed a "loverhood". they're the hottest thing thats hit DC.
man1 (trevor): hey! here come the limpnoodles!

sarah (limpnoodle): FUCK YOU BITCH DONT CALL US THAT!!!!!!!!!!
by the hottest one (manda) February 19, 2005
Weak individual - a person of weak character, weak physical constitution, weak mental constitution, or all three.
Travis is a limp noodle. He is simply unable to lead any project.
by Truth to Power April 05, 2009
A dick that is non-erect and can not get hard. Also used as an insult to imply someone has a limp noodle or is in fact a giant limp dick.
Zach is such a fucking limp noodle.
a guy who fails to get an erection, and refuses to take viagra!
I can't believe it! That guy is a limp noodle!
by the non-limp noodle June 12, 2003
A guy in my electronic media class who is unable to erect when sexually aroused.
Freddy is a limp noodle.
by h0rney1 November 29, 2004
A stupid ugly girl who doesn't know what she's talking about.
She has weave. Shut up! no she doesn't! Girl with weave: say it to my face you limpnoodle.
by Janay2015 January 13, 2010
A limp or flacid penis
Just looking at her gives me a limp noodle, I'm talkin wind sock limp.
by Prof. Shnarzledorf November 17, 2010