A derogatory term for a boy who screws around so much that his dick gets limp. The male version of slut, whore, or hoe. Similar and comparable to a fuckboy.
"You need to dump that fuckboy because he's more of a limp dick than Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's bastard child."
by AnonymousMoi May 12, 2015
n. a person who has no personal beliefs, strengths nor is he willing to take a stand for any cause.
v.t. limpdicking...the practice of having no personal strengths or beliefs.
Bill Clinton is a limpdick because he vacillates in ideology depending upon popular consensus and polls.
by Jim Hauff August 01, 2003
The male version of a "Basic Bitch".
Courtesy of Jessica Doherty: "Those guys seemed cute at first, but when they started quoting 'Wedding Crashers' I realized they're just a couple of limp dicks."
by luckyboywonder June 13, 2014
a guy that walks out on his marriage & four kids.
A 50 year man that needs viagra to get his limp dick up for his boss.
by 6081 October 01, 2012
A crooked or slanted cock.
Girl : " ew Jason you have a Limp Dick "
by ChippyFurtadooo February 21, 2012
A slang term for going "cold turkey".
He totally went "limp dick".
by thaboobywatcher January 08, 2011
Adjective: suggesting proximity of elderly males.
" I was sittin' on the limp dick bench when I spotted a five dollar bill on the ground. I scooped it up."
by j e walker April 26, 2003
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