husband who would rather jack off than have sex with hot and horny wife
1.) Did you know Jon is a limp dick? And his wife is smokin' hot!

2.) Even though she was great in bed, he still remained a limp dick.
by limpdickwife May 15, 2009
Someone who cannot achieve an erection. A person who may not be able to perform sexually because of nervousness, awkwardness or just plain malfunctioned.
I felt ashamed of my limp dick. Maybe i should get a sex change already.
by sonni vitale...... April 21, 2008
A buzzkill. Someone who brings people down when they're excited or sucks the fun out of an activity.
James: "Dude this pizza is SO good it's giving me a boner."
Buzz Killington: "But it's way too expensive, you're going to go broke eating here."
James: "Don't be such a limp-dick, Buzz."

Josh: "Bro are you pumped to ride this huge-ass roller coaster?"
Buzz Killington: "Nah man, I'm afraid of heights, I have motion sickness, and I have a bad heart, back, and neck."
Josh: "Jesus Buzz, could you be any more of a limp-dick?"
by Jbraat November 03, 2011
The inability to please women due to having a small or limp cock. Being put on blast for public humiliation after not being able to please a woman.
Synonyms Chad Neal, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagon ...
Chad Neal has a small limp dick; just ask Amy and Tracie.
by Nino8four February 02, 2010
when someone trys to have sex and can't get hard
Julia "coty lets have sex "
coty "okay juilia, shoot i cant get hard"
julia " aww coty you have limpdick
coty" poop youre right"
by penisrocket June 16, 2009
A word used to describe a very lazy person or a slacker; someone who just stands around, not doing what they're supposed to, like a limp dick
Not only is this an example, this is how the word originated

(Trevor throws a terrible pass)
Coach: "Trevor! What the hell are you doing! Standin round there lookin like a limp-dick!
by CJ45 October 15, 2008
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