An awesome band. I think I'm the only person on this page to say that
Friend: Limp Bizkit sucks

Me: fuck you dude
by a9steaksauce January 27, 2012
THE BEST FUCKING BAND THAT HAS LIVED!!!!!!!!, Wether you hate em or love em they r one of the most popular bands ever, amazing guitar riffs and bad ass vocals makes this Nu-Metal band the best band ever
by limpbizkitfan97 July 02, 2011
In the plainest sense, a generational band. they were a band that was considered a cool in the late 90s when nu metal was making waves. three dollar bill, significant other, and chocolate starfish were pretty popular.

but when fred durst began acting like a chocolate starfish(making enemies with eminem which is the worst thing you can do) it ruined the band's image and they eventually became the most hated band by 2003 when they released a pretty bad album called results may vary( i call it "results may suck") in 2005 they tried to rip off rage against the machine in hopes to boost popularity but to no avail and went on hiatus.

last summer, they released in album called gold cobra, which didn't really attract much attention. this is mainly because the music world has passed them by, and they've simply fallen out of favor. also a lot of todays generation has never even heard of them. earlier this spring they fired dj lethal and signed with cash money records where they recorded a song with lil wayne
1999 Fan: I did it all for the nookie! Yeah. limp is so cool.

2001 Fan: They dissed eminem and creed, fred durst is ruining the group


2011 fan: Limp Bizkit? oh yeah, i remember them. they used to be the shit when i was 14. I'm still kind of embarrassed about listening to them back in high school.
by 8mile1997 July 26, 2012
A band that are both hated and loved to an extremely unreasonable level.
Hater: "Limp Bizkit is for faggy emos"

Lover: *unintelligible squealing*

Me: "I hate enjoying music"
by Jalix December 13, 2012
rap and metal should never be mixed...
they got a lotta nerve releasing their music
limp bizkit is a big disgrace
by bob September 06, 2006
An out of style band not together anymore and their songs are gay. They should die.
Alex s. likes Limpbizkit still, they suck balls and he says they r the best band in the world
by THE STALKER January 19, 2005
This is to the guy who put source six in.

Limp Bizkit are a completely and utterly shite rap/metal band!

You need to grow the fuck up man, i hate limp bizkit. I listened to them when i was like ten, and you know they suck, you know its just these guys doing it for the money. You wana good guitar player listen to Hendrix for christ sake! He did coz he was passionate for his guitar, and it was the only way he knew how to make money. the guys in limp bizkit are a bunch of little pussys who need to grow the fuck up too (with their fans). How can you listen to the album "chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavoured water", without thinking of suicide, dude! the whole intro and outro thing, what the fuck! I wana listen to some music, not some dj twatface speaking down through a synth tube!

Also if you wana listen to rap/metal, at least listen to rage aginst the machine, the guitar players amazing (tom morello). Im no huge fan of rap/metal but rage is completely acceptable!
How about you just mellow out and listen to some funk, chilis, zebra heads, im a bass player and chilis is the way forwards, there my favourite band, get the "What Hits!?" cd man. Oh sorry thats to cissy for you isn't it, you have to listen to some fuckwit rapping about how he hates life! Get stoned man, mellow out i expect you probably had a real tough up bringing didn't you! lol, oh yeah and not on that organo shit you probs buy coz you probs look about ten, some dealer just slide you some lettuce or sumthing! lol

Yo michael get a life dude!
" keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin!"
" dj lethal bring it on! (crappy mixing)"
by mole (aka henry) April 13, 2005

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