a mediocre rock-rap band
Why the hell would you name your band "Limp Bizkit?" If my bickit was limp, I wouldn't brag about it... I'd pop Viagra!
by Bozz Hawg April 27, 2004
explicit? HAHAHAHAH, listen to some Anaal Nathrakh or Anal Cunt, n00b
limp bizkit aren't the shit, they are just plain shit.
by mm, digestives June 28, 2003
This IS the poser band who's name SHOULD have been 'Wimp Bizquick' !!!
Wimp Bizquick blow's more dick as a band than there guitar player did to Fred D.
by Alibastard March 21, 2003
An awesome band. I think I'm the only person on this page to say that
Friend: Limp Bizkit sucks

Me: fuck you dude
#rap #metal #band #wes borland #fred durst
by a9steaksauce January 27, 2012
A band who has fans that speak about percentages when their percentage adds up to 102%. Limp Bizkit's second album, entitled Significant Other, was OK, but after that, all of their songs sounded like shit. Likely because the lead singer liked to actually eat shit. Currently, as of this writing, Limpbizkit, as they are now called (fucktards), is seeking a new guitarist. Their one requirement is that the new band member be of Asian decent. Why? Because aZns are mad phat, yo!
Jim: 'Limpbizkit fuckin sucks, hey Bob?'
Bob: 'Fuckin A, Jim!'
by Bitchin Kitchen May 29, 2003
1) The act where a group of males sit in a circle and jack off in front of a biscuit. Each one cums on the biscuit. The one who either doesn't or cums last has to eat the biscuit.

2) A rap/rock band that was formed in the mid nineties by a bunch of talentless faggots who some how in this world were able to get a record deal and sell out shows. They band can often be found enjoying homosexual acts with one another or stage and love to promote gay pride. Their name is really limp dickshit but the idiotic teen fanbase can't read anyways so they don't give a shit.
Has anyone found it ironic the band named themselves after an act that includes a group of men in a circle mastubating?
by Shadow0fDeath July 02, 2004
a penis that cannot stand erect
nate had a limp bizkit from masturbating too much
by urje March 18, 2004
THE BEST FUCKING BAND THAT HAS LIVED!!!!!!!!, Wether you hate em or love em they r one of the most popular bands ever, amazing guitar riffs and bad ass vocals makes this Nu-Metal band the best band ever
#limp #bizkit #nu #metal #rap
by limpbizkitfan97 July 02, 2011
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