a mediocre rock-rap band
Why the hell would you name your band "Limp Bizkit?" If my bickit was limp, I wouldn't brag about it... I'd pop Viagra!
by Bozz Hawg April 27, 2004
sucky band
limp bizkit? more like, "limp dick."
by Italo Calvino July 07, 2009
n.// A band that, despite constant nay-saying from what seems like everyone on the planet, is still touring across the globe and is raking in millions from record sales. In a sense, 'Limp Bizkit' is another term for a contradiction among what the general public says and what it does.
n.// Everyone says they hate Limp Bizkit, yet they still go out and buy their CDs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call "saying whatever everyone else is saying, so long as your precious image is preserved."
some gay band that eminem shit on
Eminem shit on limp bizkit on that song Girls
by JK47NT August 06, 2008
A nu metal band formed in 1994 by Fred Durst(vocals) and Sam Rivers(bass)
John Otto(drums) and Wes Borland (gultars) quicky added to the formular.
Latter joined by Ex- House Of Pain DJ, DJ Lethal.

After doing many a tour with Deftones,Soulfly,Faith No More, Korn and The Famly Values Tour '98 and the realse of "Faith" from the album Three Dolar Bill Y'all the band was noitced.

Scince then they have had a replacement in gultarist - Mike Smith in 03 (who was repalced by Wes Borland returning around 13th August '04)
Relased 4 other albums with the 5th one being relased 3rd May '05
Three Dollar Bill Y'all (1997)
Significant Other (1999)
Choclate Starfish And The Hot Dog FLavoured Water (2000)
New Old Songs (2001)
Results May Vary (2003)
The Unquestionable Truth (2005)
by Codbizkit April 11, 2005
A band that uses the word "fuck" more than once i neach song. The people who like them, your with me, and rap a metal should be mixed together. Then, there a losers who say limp bizkit is gay, while they jam out in their car with Simple Plan songs.
"Dude, did you here that Limp Bizkit song, Nookie?"
"Screw L1mp B1zk1t, 1 g0t s0m3t1n b3ta, g000000 S1mple p1an, w00t! L33t rockzzzz!
by TKOSoundco November 21, 2006
a game in witch several guys stand a circle jerking their wangs and spewing their loads on another guy standing in the middle-(pivot man).
guy-1 : hey, were having a circle-jerk, wanna join?

guy-2 : no, my arm hurts.

guy-1 : well, thats ok, you can just stand in the middle. you make a great pivot man.

guy-2 : great!!!!
by Anonymous October 19, 2003

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