a mediocre rock-rap band
Why the hell would you name your band "Limp Bizkit?" If my bickit was limp, I wouldn't brag about it... I'd pop Viagra!
by Bozz Hawg April 27, 2004
li-mp biz-kut: adj.,(n); A sound so awful, it can make Snoop Dogg stop blazin up the chronic.
I took a Limp Biscuit and there was no toilet paper to wipe the Limp Biscuit from my KORN hole.
by nismoinside October 05, 2003
A game where a group of guys jack off in a circle, where a cookie is placed in the middle. The last guy to cum on the cookie, must eat the cookie with all the cum on it.
haha, joe you came last, so eat the limp bizkit!
by nicole January 11, 2004
a soft penis (opposite of boner)which is almost impossible to have sex with.
He looked at a fat guy and got a limp bizkit
#limp #bizkit #biz #the #chris #pwnd #penis #soft
by TheChris5 October 26, 2008
The most terrible band of the past 15 years. Everything about them sucks. This fact has been well documented in countless web pages, reviews, and articles all over the Internet so I won't go into many details. Fred Durst is a closet egomaniac; the fact that he just happened to be oafing around in the right place at the right time when the music industry went through another in a long series of bizarre, unexpected detours through inexplicable-trend-land and the spotlight fell on dudes with baggy pants, downtuned guitars, and borderline-retarded grunting in place of actual vocals has filled him with the worst kind of foolish, brash pride that has been well documented by concert promoters, radio staff, and various other industry insiders. Wes Borland is not talented; he just owns a lot of stomp boxes. I'm not a "hater"; I just have ears. Their new record, which appears to be some kind of awful attempt at making a political/social statement, debuted at #24 on the Billboard Top 200 and sold about 37,000 copies it's first week out, which subsequently slid to 12,000 copies when week two rolled around. Ouch. So much for "still raking in millions", right Chase?
Fred Durst was raised in Gastonia, North Carolina; a town about an hour from where I live. This fact fills me with shame.
by Squid Wrangler June 20, 2005
A prank in which a person ejaculates into a freshly made biscuit and gives it to someone to eat.
I gave Delina a limp bizkit during dinner and she said it was the best biscuit she ever ate!
#limp #bizkit #fred #durst #metal #rock #sperm #jack off
by death from above 82 April 01, 2010
When the penis becomes flaccid during sexual activity.
I was not able to penetrate her asshole because I went limp bizkit.
#limp #bizkit #penis #sex #flaccid
by HoochieAU January 30, 2011
The band that destroyed Woodstock and FM radio. see, unfocused anger, latent homoeroticism, meathead metal
Extreme Dude #1: How does Durst do it?
Extreme Dude #2: I know -- he has a small wang, but still goes to bed with chicks.
Extreme Dude #1: I wish my wang were that small.
#2: Haha! Mine is!
#1: I was just joking.
#2: Oh (looks down)
by Self-Hating Hipster July 26, 2005
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